Luke Ferland, a Technology teacher at Riverhead High School, was selected as our Teacher of the Year for 2017. Luke was an outstanding candidate who clearly demonstrated his passion for inspiring his students’ interest in STEM subjects. (In today’s high‑tech world, the U.S. Air Force is always looking for recruits with a strong STEM background.)

Luke’s enthusiasm for technology is manifested in his efforts to create new and relevant projects that employ modern‑day cutting‑edge technology in meaningful ways. During his three-year tenure at Riverhead High School, he has launched new programs like Design and Drawing, and the Robotics Club. He is clearly making a difference.

One of his proudest achievements was starting the Robotics program. He acquired a Northrop Grumman Foundation Grant and got his students their first robot. Since then they have grown from attending local competitions to winning the Southern New York State Championship Tournament to competing at the world championship in Kentucky this past April.

Another example is how he employs 3D printer technology in a meaningful way. Born out of this focus was the “Precision Engineered Pen Project”, which melds together 3D printing, modern‑day technology (3D design software) as well as industrial technology to create top quality and educational projects. One of his projects was so successful it was featured in American Woodtuner Journal this past December.

With a background in energy engineering before becoming a teacher, Luke is well aware of the need for imparting STEM skills to our kids in school. He doesn’t consider educating our students as a job, but as a service he must provide to our students to keep America the greatest nation in the world. Well done, Luke, keep up the great work.



LIAFA 2017 Teacher of the Year Luke Ferland (R) with his student robotics team

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Letter from students to teacher Luke Ferland