In 1991 Governor of Normandy, Renee Gerec, and the Normandy Regional Council commissioned the Jubilee of Liberty medal to honor all veterans who fought during the Normandy campaign for the liberation of France and ultimately the end of World War II in Europe. Approximately 35,000 veterans went to France to receive the medal during 50th anniversary celebrations in 1994 and 1995. Unfortunately, thousands of veterans were unable to afford the expense or were not well enough to make the journey to France. Therefore, the French government authorized military organizations like the Air Force Association to present the medals.

   A Congress person from Long Island presided over 24 ceremonies where we gave away a total of 500 medals.  Every veteran was extremely proud to be honored more than 50 years after their individual contributions during the Normandy campaign in World War II.

Normandy Jubilee of Liberty Medal

Congressman Tim Bishop presenting certificate during Jubilee medal ceremony

Congressman Steve Israel presenting medal and certificate 

Congresswoman McCarthy making presentation to World War II vet