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Francis S. Gabreski Scholastic Grant

The $1,000 Francis S. Gabreski Scholastic Grant is offered in honor of Colonel Francis S. Gabreski, a highly decorated fighter pilot ace who served during World War II and the Korean Conflict. He is credited with destroying 34.5 enemy aircraft in the two conflicts combined.  He served as Commander of the 52nd Fighter Wing located at Suffolk County Air Force Base, now know as the Francis S. Gabreski Airport, Long Island, NY.  Upon his military retirement, he worked for Grumman Aerospace and the Long Island Railroad as President. 

Alphonse A. Parise Scholastic Grant 

The $1,000 Alphonse A. Parise Scholastic Grant is offered in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Alphonse Parise who retired from the Air National Guard and went on to serve a distinguished career with the Air Force Association including a tenure as Chapter President.  Al also pursued a career as a school teacher and had a passion for educating younger generations.  Receiving countless AFA awards over the years, he was noted for his relentless solicitation of the funds necessary for the various chapter educational activities.  

The eligibility and application process is the same for both the Francis S. Gabreski and Alphonse A. Parise Scholastic Grants.

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